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Cura Connections

Welcome to Cura Connections, a program started by the Cura Project!

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Our mission is for youth to take initiative and start a chapter in their local area! By starting a chapter, you are able to start a brand (your new Cura chapter.) It will still be affiliated with Cura HQ, and you will be starting your own organization. With access to our several resources and team, we will assist you through the process! You are able to choose your chapter’s causes, fundraisers, and events! Apply now! 


There will be two rounds in the application process. The first round will be a form that needs to be filled out and submitted (linked below.) When you move forward to the second round, it will consist of an interview with Cura’s Headquarters team. All four members of your team should be present for the interview.

*NOTE: Applications will be checked frequently until October 1st, and then checked on a rolling basis after*



  • Access to Cura Project’s immense resources and team

  • Guidance to start your own organization

  • Full autonomy and freedom on the health causes your chapter chooses 

  • Lead a large team and organization and learn core skills

  • Work directly with your local community and help make an impact

  • Ways to earn volunteer hours!

  • Gain connections throughout the youth led -

       nonprofit world