Sectretary (Executive Position)

General Tasks

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tasks once selected)

  • Manager internal communication withing Cura

  • Keep Cura Calendar up to date

  • Organize monthly reports

  • Create agendas for executive meetings

  • Work directly with founders

  • Manager internal affairs within Cura

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Head of Ambassadors (Executive Position)

General Tasks

  • Managing excel documents with ambassadors progress

  • Coming to executive team meetings
    Working  with leads to expand aspects of ambassadors

  • Giving lead updates on ambassador progress

  • Managing and communicating with ambassador

  • (Please keep in mind that the tasks are likely to change as Cura grows.)

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General Tasks &
Time Commitment

  • Assist in planning monthly fundraisers

  • Outreach to local sponsors (local business/organizations/donors)

  • Brainstorm ideas for fundraisers with team

  • aprox. 3-4 hours/week (self-paced)

Prerequisites & Qualities to Have

  • has outreach/networks with community

  • communication and outreach skills

  • ability to plan and organize events

  • interest in helping out community

  • Organized, networking skills, committed, open to constructive feedback, event planning

Marketing Team

General Tasks

  • Comes up with marketing strategies for all aspects of Cura

  • Expanding and promote all opportunities within our organization

  • Help social media leads implement the strategies 

  • This includes: Ad plans and promotional strategies

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No Upcoming Events



No Upcoming Events

Interview Workshop


One Link

Interviewing is one of the key skills anyone must learn if they intend to foray into the landscape of working a job. Unfortunately, it’s not a class that’s widely taught in the American school system. We here at Cura want to change that. We’re proud to introduce our very first workshop on interviewing skills. With live lessons, useful content, and real-life simulations, each student will learn something unique that they can use going forward in their prospective careers.

see full schedule here

Sat June 12 -Sun June 13 
9 AM to 11 AM


Mr. Christopher Keody

General Tasks &
Time Commitment

  • Update Instagram story highlights

  • Help respond to DMs

  • Post on feed and stories as necessary

  • Think of ways to expand our social media following 

  • Look into Instagram insight

  • aprox. 1-2 hours/week 

Social Media manager

Prerequisites & Qualities to Have

  • Well versed in Instagram and social media

  • Good work-ethic, researcher, good with communication, creative

Yoga Fundraiser

Join us for an adult yoga class to help support the cause of Genetic Disorder Relief! Professionally taught, this workshop will be relaxing and a great learning session.


One Link

July 14


Linda Iamundi