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India Relief Webinar

This webinar will be held on the last day of our India Relief Initiative. Throughout the webinar, we will be giving education about what is happening in India. Our team will be covering multiple aspects which include, but are not limited to: hospital conditions, oxygen shortage, statistics and visuals, resources, and much more. In less than half an hour, our team will cover every aspect of India's current COVID situation.  

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takes place: 

June 5, 2021 

12 PM - 2 PM PST

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In the webinar, team India Relief has invited multiple panelists including those from India. These individuals would be sharing their experiences of COVID in India. Our panelists would shed light upon personal experiences. This session would allow our audience to ponder and reflect upon the whole scenario. 

There would also be a presentation that talks about the different types of mindsets people have during COVID. Our team members would be talking about people’s thoughts about COVID, a guide to being optimistic during these tough times, tips on coping with negativity, and much more! That said, this shall be the mental health aspect for COVID in India.

The Crisis in India Livestream

join Cura Project in for a night filled with activities, guest speakers, and more!

takes place: 

May 30, 2021 

3 PM - 6 PM PST

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In case you missed the livestream: 


Art/Writing Competition

As part of the India relief project, we are organizing a competition. The entries received to this competition would be discussed during the webinar. Each participant would be allowed to describe their art and/or written work. The audience would be allowed to ask questions to the artists and writers. Finally, a poll would be held whereby the audience would vote upon their favorite entry. The winner gets 20 USD! 

$20 USD


Where are donations going?

Throughout our webinar, we would like to emphasize our donation goal. Since this would be the last day of the India Relief campaign, our audience would be urged to help us meet our goal.

All proceeds would go to Give India.