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Fizza Zehra is a high school Junior with an avid passion for teaching. Having had experience teaching friends, family and anyone who comes her way, she has matured the skills needed to teach children in a way that doesn't pressurize them. Fizza hopes that with her help, your child can form into a person they love. 


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Kamya Patel is a sophomore at Arnold O. Beckman High School. Being the oldest of many cousins, she has previous experience helping younger students with their schoolwork, and she enjoys working with kids in general. At school, she is fond of and excels in various subjects. As a Cura tutor, Kamya will use her knowledge to assist your child in learning and meet their academic needs.



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Amritha Pradeep is a sophomore at Bothell High School, She is looking to help kids learn to the best of their ability. To do this, she listens to what your child has to say and uses that information to better help them. Furthermore, Amritha finds tutoring to be rewarding because of the experience of seeing a student grow and learn. 

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Daryna Tkach is a freshman at Bishop Allen Academy who enjoys helping others. Having had experience tutoring her cousins and classmates with homework, she has found joy in educating and helping. She hopes to improve not only your child but also grow and develop her own skills

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Laura Mangov is a high school junior at Tesla STEM High School who enjoys helping others and the experience from it. She has had experience tutoring many age groups over many topics. Laura feels tutoring for Cura will be an amazing opportunity. 



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Sanjitha Saravanan is a freshman at Dublin High School. As a Teacher’s Assistant at language school and explaining academic concepts to her own sibling, Sanjitha has gained a bit of experience in the teaching field. She understand that all students learn at different paces and seeks to apply it as a tutor, working with the kids to help them learn concepts at their own pace.  


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Tristan Tsai is a high school Sophomore at Eastlake High School. Being extremely savvy at math, he has won many math competitions going as far as national level. Tristan seeks to make an impact with his skills and knowledge by helping struggling students. He hopes to tutor children to get higher grades and achieve more. 


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Nyla Nasir is a sophomore at Bear Creek High School with a passion for science, math and English, all of which stemmed from inspiration from older figures in her life through activities like book club or robotics club. Knowing that COVID won't give children opportunities like her's, Nyla seeks to foster her love for her subjects to the younger generation to help them reach their true potential  


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Simrun Parulekar is a freshman at Redmond High School with a penchant for teaching children though creative techniques. She enjoys seeing student's faces when they understand the material and learn to love it. Simrun intends to build a teaching environment that is encouraging and caring.