A Rheumatologist’s Week

Written & Researched by Ini


Hello! My name is Jen and I am currently a rheumatologist. This is a week in my life and you will get a glimpse of what my life looks like working in the Hospital’s rheumatology unit. Working with adults is my specialty. Let's go.


Today was a busy week. I got to the clinic at 7am, which is an hour earlier than usual. I got in to finish some work I had brought over to this week. I began to read up on the patient's file and do follow up. I also met a new patient today and she was super sweet. Why do super sweet people get bad diseases sometimes? Her name is Laila and she was an old lady with gout. We ran some tests, diagnosed her and prescribed some medications. I also had some inpatient consulting today. I will head to bed now because I got home around 10pm. See you tomorrow.


So today was stressful. Just stressful. I apologize if this is short. I just got a new medical assistant for my personal clinic, not the hospital. She messed up maybe 25 times, (I might just be exaggerating but I am serious). Too bad, my other MA was not around. I drove down to the hospital to run more tests for some patients, and came back to the clinic to do more outpatient consultations. I came home around 11pm. Really late, huh? See you tomorrow.


We had a send off party today!! We sent our sweet loving Dr. Lorde who has been with us for about 15 years now. We enjoyed cake and helped her pack up. I met with a new patient and more old ones. No consulting today, thank God!! I had some lupus diagnoses - lupus meaning an inflammatory disease caused when the immune system attacks its own tissues - from some visiting people from the ER ward. I came home around 9, so not that late today! See you tomorrow.


Today is a big day for me. Needed equipment came in today. We brought in mostly supplies and did few consultations today, so it was not a very busy day. I think that is it for today. Short and sweet. See ya.


It's Friday, so all my appointments were from morning to midday. Had some consulting mixed with analysis, tests and diagnosis. I enjoyed it very much but was happy to get home and catch a nap. I later made food (yes, I eat, I am not superhuman), got dressed and went for a birthday bash but got home around 12 to catch more sleep.


YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! The weekend. Today was fun actually. Some doctors have ongoing shifts for many hours, well not my job. My surgery , ER, and neuro friends work like that. I just give consulting and diagnosis to my patients and if they need more help, refer them for it. I went skydiving with my fiance and made it down screaming my head off. I also enjoyed making cookies for a bake sale and after coming home to some Netflix and chill. Yes, I fell asleep during Grey's anatomy, it's so inaccurate sometimes.


Sunday was easy! I went out to church and went to the clinic to get things in order for tomorrow and take a few appointments. I also went back home to pick the cookies up for the bake sale. I also went to the carnival nearby and I enjoyed the rides. After I came home, I went through my schedule for the week. That is it.


On average, I see about 50 patients per week. This week I saw 45 patients. That is still a lot of work for me but I enjoy my job and love helping to treat and diagnose people. Thank you for having a glimpse into my life. Bye.

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