Dissecting the Movie Fight Club

Written & Researched by Lucy

What is Fight Club About?

  • Fight Club is a movie directed by David Fincher and is about a depressed man who meets an odd soap salesman named Tyler. The depressed man, who throughout the movie remains unnamed, is fascinated by Tyler and they form a club. The club is named Fight Club and it turns into a sort of cult run by Tyler and the Narrator. Though the narrator's life began normally, it quickly turned into utter chaos with the formation of the club.

  • When a woman named Marla comes into Tyler and the narrator's life, she creates a rocky divide between the two.

  • Cast - Edward Norton as “The Narrator”, Brad Pitt as “Tyler Durden’, and Helena Bonham Carter as “Marla Singer”

How is it related to Personality Disorders?

  • At the end of the movie, the audience and the narrator learn that Tyler isn't real. Tyler is part of the narrator's imagination. Now, many speculate this could be schizophrenia, but others believe it is Dissociative Identity Disorder.

  • In the movie, the narrator becomes Tyler whenever he needs to have confidence. He needed confidence to start a fight club and get with Marla, and in all of those situations through the narrator's eyes, were done by Tyler.

  • In a way, he is reborn by Tyler. But, when he finds out that he is Tyler, the narrator breaks down even though everyone knew he had a switch between himself and Tyler.

So, why should I watch this?

  • When I first watched this movie I was fascinated by the dynamic Tyler and the narrator had and at the end learning about Tyler was a shock, because they are two different people.

  • I think it gives a good look into a person with this disorder and their desired alter-ego. Tyler lived the narrator's desired life, so when the narrator's insomnia and depression caught up with him, he took on Tyler's personality.

  • Also, the movie is filmed fantastically and the actors are so focused on their acting and how their characters should be like in real life.


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