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Cura Tutoring

Cura Project's tutoring program is one of our main ways to collect donations for every month's cause. Since our tutors are in high school, we only teach up to 7th grade students. Unfortunately due to COVID-19, we will not be doing in-person sessions, but not to worry: all our tutors are experts with online teaching!

Cura is so thankful for everyone everyone that signs up; Every single donation counts!

Subjects Offered


(Kindergarten - 7th grade)




Social Studies

More to come...

Price packages

all package prices are non-negotiable and final

One Session

Karina is a good tutor for my son. He likes her and I can see he improves a lot in math. Highly recommend her!


I feel good, smarter, and excited after tutoring with Karina. I wish I could have class every day, she’s the best


[Rhea] is excellent and patient with my1st grade daughter […] My daughter looks forward to her sessions and always talks about how fun they are. I would highly recommend them - it’s a win win for everybody.